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Posted by Jamillon Centre© on February 14, 2017

I’m so critical of everyone – Christie’s story

Despite having the ideal successful family and life, dealing with a lifetime of suppressed anger about being responsible for someone else’s happiness, caused Christie to punish herself with harsh and highly critical self-talk that made her deeply unhappy…

Posted by Jamillon Centre© on November 27, 2016

Why am I always angry – Alan’s story

  If you’re asking yourself “why am I always angry for no reason” you’re probably worried that there’s something wrong with you. But if you’re frequently angry and you don’t know why you might be relieved to know that there is a very good reason why you’re angry and it tends to be buried in

Posted by Jamillon Centre© on March 12, 2015

I want to die – Shamini’s suicide story

Nothing can change what happened to you in your childhood. But with commitment and the willingness to do the feeling work you can heal the tender wounds of childhood by processing the emotional pain, hurt and devastation that you still carry.

Writing about the personal history and therapy of the people we work with is a great privilege and carries an enormous moral responsibility for us at Jamillon Centre. A personal story can only share a fraction of the pain and trauma each person has lived through and subsequently worked through in their therapy. We appreciate and thank each and everyone who shares their personal journey with us, and we acknowledge the sensitive and painful nature of their experiences.


The people in these stories have given us their full permission to publish and share their experiences; however, their personal details have been disguised to protect their identity. Out of respect for this person, no element of this story may be taken, reproduced or used in any way without first obtaining our permission.