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This page is about the Jamillon Centre and its continuing commitment to primal therapy. Jamillon is the home of Primal Therapy Australia.


For the past 30 years, the Jamillon Centre has specialised in helping people heal from the pain of unmet childhood needs and trauma through gentle emotional processing of past painful experiences, or what is known as primal therapy.


Although our work is based on the brilliant work of Arthur Janov we are not trained by Janov. We see neurosis as one of the many defences that result from childhood trauma and as such we have integrated a trauma model approach to primal.


Over the past years this model has evolved to incorporate aspects of Colin Ross’s Trauma Model, John Briere’s Complex Trauma Model, Ellert Nijenhuis’s work on dissociation together with “inner child” work.

This means that many people who previously might not have been able to fully engage with the primal process can now benefit. 


You might also like to visit our sister site Primal Therapy Australia for more information primaltherapy.com.au or read more about primal therapy at the  Jamillon Centre…


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Primal therapy practised at the Jamillon Centre evolved from the paediatric work of its founder the late Dr John Spensley and his sister Gillian Nikakis (OMA) and her work with adults who endured childhood abuse.


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